Last month I had the pleasure of celebrating my 50th birthday, again. It gets better every year!

Friends are dearer, drinks are stronger, time is shorter and fun is everywhere to be had.

I received dozens of well wishes through Facebook and LinkedIn as well as cards galore. I love to give and receive cards. This year, there has been a notable shift in the tenor of birthday cards. Once filled with bawdy photos, quips about how to celebrate my birthday with zest and cartoons of Adonis-type men, my recent collection has devolved into something quite different. Now the cards are filled with warnings about activities I am too old to partake in, in and out of the bedroom. Or filled with a wistfulness of times gone by.

I’m still in my 50’s, friends, and going strong! Why the shift? I thought fifty was the new forty, and that’s how I am living. Here are a few notable cards that gave me a good chuckle:


This from my dear friend Ellen who is wise beyond her years.



This from my dear friend Deppie, who has a wicked sense of humor!



And this from my dear poker friends. The inside of this card says “Get the hell away from me.”



Let’s plan on next year, same time, same place!


Your young friend,