Holiday ParadoxI recently received a holiday message from Laura LoPresti (of LML & Associates) in which she urged her readers “to slow down to speed up.”  This practice may often be overlooked during this busy season of the year in which multitasking and “multi-partying” may become a way of life.  As we move toward the New Year with resolutions on how to improve our lifestyles perhaps we might consider how “to slow down to speed up.”  Perhaps we might consider how this may impact the most important areas of our lives.  I’d like to share Laura’s message with you:

“As we close one year and begin another, remember to slow down to speed up.  We are all far too busy.  There are too many meetings, too many decisions and too little time to think and reflect.  We need to remember to slow down, refocus on our priorities, and think about our products, our services and ways to better meet the needs of our customers.

It is natural to try to do things as quickly as possible, to move from one task to the next without taking a breath, but who are we serving by doing so?

Recently, one of my clients hired a consultant to help them improve their manufacturing process. One of the first things the consultant recommended was to slow down the line. Interestingly enough, the client was able to produce more products by doing this because it reduced errors, repairs and quality rejects. There are certain universal truths and perhaps this is one. We need to slow down in order to speed up and when we do we will see the world in a different way. We will become open and more creative and we’ll discover even more effective ways to accomplish our goals.  My wish for you is that by slowing down you will be able to speed up your mission and purpose in the New Year.

This holiday season, let’s slow down to appreciate all of our blessings.  Let’s slow down to thank all of those who have helped us this year.  Let’s slow down to tightly hug those we love.

I appreciate your business and I look forward to working with you in 2015!”