I Dream of A World…..

Where chickens can cross the road without their motives questioned.

Pollo GardenFor the adventurous eater, looking for the next best meal, you ought to try Pollo Garden in Ybor City. At the corner of 17th and 4th Avenue, it occupies an outdoor space with a covered patio and bar area. The day I visited there were dozens of acorns falling from the canopy of oak trees with live Ybor chickens crowing in the background.

In recent weeks I visited the Argentine restaurant across the street and wondered about Pollo Garden. I enticed a friend to meet me there under the guise of adventurous eating. We both ordered the roasted chicken cooked perfectly in the outdoor smoker found adjacent to the patio within plain view. Mostly, you order under the canopy and pick up there as well. Since we were early the owner waited on us and engaged in lively conversation. We learned that she and her husband are from Lima, Peru and have been in Tampa about 2 ½ years. They opened this restaurant together and the business is growing steadily.

The fresh food combined with the charm of sitting outside on a perfect fall day make this an “add” to your “must try” list. The owner assured me her chickens do not come from Ybor City.

Pollo Garden

1604 N. 17th St.

Tampa, FL 33605