Old Age Rant #1: I Need New Shoes

In prior writings, I shared some articles about commercial real estate, particularly retail space being repurposed for other uses, as the retail arena is changing before our eyes. On line shopping has yet to eclipse brick and mortar stores in terms of sales although the online sales percentage as a total of retail sales […]

30 Years In Commercial Real Estate

When people ask me how long I have been a broker in commercial real estate, I say about 30 years. I also add, “And I am starting to get good at it!” After 30 years “I know a thing or two because I have seen a thing or two.” And while that statement is […]

I will pay you to grocery shop for me!

I hate going to the grocery store. Well, to be fair, I hate going to run of the mill grocery stores. I like going to the stores that have unusual fruits, vegetables and packaged items to try. I love a really well stocked appetizing counter and unique prepared food options. Truly, I really don’t […]

Demoted at Nordstrom

I can remember the day that Nordstrom opened at International Mall, in September, 2001. It was a nasty, stormy day and my girls and I braved the weather to explore the new store. It goes without saying that we found lots of merchandise to get excited about, and enjoyed the high level of service. […]

Tampa: Our Girl is Growing Up!

I just returned from a beer- drinking fest in Asheville, NC. A group of 6 of us, all returning to Asheville for at least the second time, dropped in on a dozen breweries and sampled their fare. The thing about Asheville is that there is no “recipe” for a brewery. Each locale presented itself […]

Davis Islands are getting ready to Boom!

The Davis Islands are getting ready to boom! You know that I have been a commercial real estate broker for over 30 years and after all of this time, I am starting to get good at it. My office is on Davis Islands, about three blocks from my home. I have lived in […]

The Tampa Bay Skyline is Changing

The Tampa Bay Skyline is changing! You may have noticed that an icon is being demolished along the Hillsborough River: The Tampa Tribune building is nearly cleared away. Related Development LLC, out of Miami, purchased the site last year and intends to build 399 riverside apartments on the west bank. The plans […]

iPads Have Taken Over the World

As a frequent traveler, I am always noticing shifts in the processes that get us from one airport to another, and all of the steps in between.

Usually 24 hours prior to the flight, you check yourself in via your smart phone and simultaneously receive a text or email with your electronic boarding pass. Next, […]

Cross Bay Ferry in Tampa

Transportation remains one of the top three issues in our community. As an experiment, Hillsborough County and Pinellas County embarked on a joint venture to learn if a Cross Bay Ferry might alleviate some traffic crossing the bridges between the major business centers, namely downtown St. Pete and Tampa. A second goal was to […]

Partner with Social Venture Partners Tampa Bay

In addition to my day job in commercial real estate, I have taken on another role in our community, that of Partner with Social Venture Partners Tampa Bay.

Many of you have heard me gush about this organization for the last three years. Here is the Impact Report that clarifies what SVP Tampa Bay has […]