This, my friend, is the Holy Grail: to find gainful employment and still do what you love. I feel blessed, nearly every day, to enjoy the mental challenge of commercial real estate and development while supporting my family with the effort.

Mostly, I adore the development projects that I am invited to join. Last week, one of my office suite mates introduced me to his neighbor. His neighbor is looking for a very specific type of facility in which to house his equipment business. After months of looking, nothing surfaced and therefore he wanted to consider building a building from scratch. The three of us met and discussed the pros and cons of this type of project, mostly the expense, and decided to take the first steps to make this new building a reality. Going through these steps reminded me just how much I enjoy this aspect of my work. I do what I love!

To me, real estate development is not difficult, it’s just very comprehensive. My brain can synthesize a plan and draw all of the people together to complete the project, a lot like a conductor leading an orchestra through a symphony. The conductor follows the score, cues each instrument when to enter the piece, and holds all of the players on the beat to finish together. That’s me, the conductor: I don’t know how to play every instrument yet but I do know when each musician needs to start and stop playing and how their notes compliment the rest of the music. I wave my arm for a crescendo, getting a building permit, and then drop them to my side after the last note is played, when we receive the certificate of occupancy. Just like a composer who hears the music then writes the score and hears the symphony performed; I envision the project, see the plans drawn, and then witness when it is finally constructed.

Viola, a building is built! What started as an idea between three people is now physically manifested as a build to suit building for the equipment business!

When you attend a symphony, you hear music for an hour or two. What you don’t see is the hours of practice that the musicians spent together to perform at their best. Nor do you see the lifetime of practicing, put in by every member of the orchestra to be able to play at their peak. A development team is a lot like the musicians: they have been practicing for decades to be able to contribute to the project at their very best. For all of us, practice does make perfect. Yes it is true, I do what I love.