This weekend makes two years to the day that I adopted my two kittens from the Humane Society. It was a banner weekend around our house, with all kinds of celebrations, mostly on my part. I adore having furry friends to share my house with.

I learn a lot from my kittens, now young adult cats. They are a bit finicky as cats can be, and really don’t allow me to pet them at whim; rather, I have to cultivate them in order for them to find safety and comfort in being my friend. Sometimes people are like this, too: you have to cultivate them, in a way they like to be cultivated, in order for them to become friendly. Often, I make assessments of the humans I meet and characterize them like cats. Oh, this one likes to be stroked under the chin while another loves to have her ears rubbed. You get the picture: humans are a lot like cats.

My very personable cat, Piper, is actually a dog. Come home to her and she will roll over to have her belly scratched. Take a shower, and she is sitting by the shower door. Sometimes she even comes in the shower! Go to sleep and she hogs the other side of the bed.

My other cat, One-eyed Jackie, is just the opposite, very aloof and often hard to find. Yet, one of the most loving creatures I have ever shared my home with.

When I adopted the cats two years ago, I knew I wanted a pair. Piper was selected first. Who can resist that much personality and attention, even if it is from a cat? I had to have her. Next, we tried matching her with another cat, to see if they simply sniffed each other or hissed endlessly. Piper and Gladys hissed endlessly.

I selected another kitten, this one with one eye. I asked myself who would adopt her and could not bear the thought of her NOT getting adopted. So, we tried her with Piper to see if they might get along. And they did!

Here’s the thing about One-eyed Jackie: she taught me so much about that old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Although maimed on the outside, her heart is pure and purring all the time. She has her way she likes to be loved and once I figured that out, I experienced the love of a pet nearly unparalleled by others.