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iFly granted me the experience of flying as I always dreamed of. Seriously, I have had recurring dreams of flight and this opportunity to experience iFly cemented those dreamlike sensations.

iFly has been operating in Orlando for several years and I took my first flights there. The Tampa location recently opened on a site adjacent to Top Golf in Brandon. I intend to continue simulated flying in this unique facility.

How it works is there is a huge fan at the top of a 40 foot tall cylinder. The fan generates an updraft and a willing participant can simply fall forward into the downdraft “cage” and be elevated to fly in place. For added fun, the instructor can signal the fan operator to increase the velocity of the fan, thereby creating a stronger updraft. Once accelerated, the updraft supports even more weight. The instructor holds onto your flight suit and allows the updraft to raise the two flyers up even further in the cylinder. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself!

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