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I wanted to take a moment to share a story about why selling a particular tract of land in Tampa was so meaningful. Not all sales or leases impact a buyer/seller or tenant the way the sale of a 6 acre tract in East Tampa effected Mr. and Mrs. Carter.

One of my clients referred me to the Carters, saying that they needed help marketing their land so that they could retire. I visited with Mr. Carter at the Waffle House on US 301, so as not to call attention to the potential sale to his employees. We agreed on a price and then Mrs. Carter insisted we offer the property for 25% more. I agreed to that, so long as we could revisit the pricing within the first 60 days of the listing.

Within hours, we had a nearly full price offer! Unfortunately, the offer did not go under contract and we spent the next few months with limited activity. After this time, Mr. Carter then allowed me to put a sign up on US 301. Would you know it, within a week we had another offer, nearly full price!

The terms of this offer were very favorable and the Carters agreed to the offer. Now Mr. Carter had to begin the process of cleaning off the property, removing several decades’ worth of truck carcasses. He worked tirelessly to do so, even in the oppressive summer heat. By the way, Mr. Carter is 83.

We closed in August and the property was nearly pristine, thanks to Mr. Carter and a few of his employees.

With the sales proceeds, Mr. Carter was able to square up all of his obligations and have enough money for him and Mrs. Carter to retire in style. They were a pleasure to work with and for, and knowing that their hearts and minds are free of stress made this sale particularly poignant for me.

I often wonder if what I spend my time doing is changing the world, and for a brief moment, it did.

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