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In addition to my day job in commercial real estate, I have taken on another role in our community, that of Partner with Social Venture Partners Tampa Bay.

Many of you have heard me gush about this organization for the last three years. Here is the Impact Report that clarifies what SVP Tampa Bay has achieved and its methodology.

My interest in joining SVP was three-fold: First, I was bored on Boards. I attended too many board meetings where I left feeling empty. What was the impact of my time in this organization, other than just as a sounding board? It was hard for me to pinpoint precisely what I had contributed in any measurable way. I learned a lot about the not for profit world, the issues for funding and the depth of the challenges in serving the needy in our community.

Second, I made a lot of donations, some multi-thousand dollar contributions. And for that, I was still disconnected to the causes I was supporting.

Third, I was considering my next chapter in life, and was attracted to a hands on approach to philanthropy. I understood that my future would include meaningful interactions with like-minded partners and the organizations we sought to serve.
SVP returns great dividends on all three counts.

We are in a building mode now, having established a strong affiliation with the University of Tampa Entrepreneurship Center. Through this relationship our partners become very well versed in the community matters, tools available to gain greater insights into solutions, and resources that only a University can offer.

Watch for breaking news about our next partnership and plans or 2017 in the Youth At Risk arena.
I serve as a member of the Advisory Committee and also as Partner/Corporate Recruitment. If anything that you have read resonates with you, please feel free to reach out to me. I would love to talk with you.

SVP Impact Report

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