commercial realty development in Tampa Bay

Nancy Phaneuf met Paul and Fran Senory when they were leasing 3,000 SF of office/warehouse space in Brandon, FL. Their company, Sencommunications, had outgrown their suite, and owners Paul and Fran asked Nancy to find a building for them to purchase.

Nancy did that in 1995, but nine years later Sencommunications had once again outgrown their building. Both Paul and Fran were reluctant to build a building, concerned about the complexity of the project and the time-consuming nature of construction. They hired Nancy Phaneuf Commercial Realty & Development to oversee the project from site selection, to contract negotiations, to financing. Nancy Phaneuf Commercial Realty & Development oversaw every detail from inception to move-in. Sencomm occupied this new headquarters in December, 2005.

The building, parking and loading areas were designed to accommodate 10 more years of growth. Sencomm offers a full line of telecommunications products for at-work, on-the-go and at-home applications, including wireless, corded and Bluetooth headsets and more.


December 6, 2017