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SmithJOY Realty agents ascribe to the The Value-Driven ApproachTM, a unique business philosophy which make us truly, an exception to the rule. A few years ago, our Broker, Amy Smith was asked to collaborate on a book about real estate sales. The book, The Value-Driven ApproachTM to Selling Real Estate, describes a new way to avoid the “Real Estate Greed” that permeates the industry and provides practical advice to help you net more for your real estate investments.

Amy Smith

Amy Smith, Broker/ Owner has been a professional real estate agent and Broker for more than 20 years. Amy collaborated with author Ryan Fletcher on the book The Value-Driven Approach to Selling Real Estate, and the philosophy that is the basis for our company’s core values and our mission. She has extensive knowledge of the Tampa Bay area and is able to help her sellers list and sell their property for best results and help buyers find the home that perfectly meet their needs. Amy is a compassionate person who cares about every client and works hard to ensure they will have the best experience possible.

Becky Joy Blake

Becky Joy Blake, Broker/ Owner has been in the real estate business for more than 17 years. Along with being a real estate agent and Broker, she has owned both a mortgage company and a title company. Becky believes that owning a home is a benchmark of personal achievement and understanding what a home investment means to her clients is something she takes personally.Becky believes that truly listening to her clients combined with her knowledge of all aspects of the industry is what ensures they receive the best experience possible.

For more information, you can contact Amy or Becky through or 813.922.2915.