How Do You Decide?


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Old sayings die hard.

It used to be that the only thing that mattered in real estate was location, location and location. But it’s not that simple these days.

Today’s critical decision, particularly in commercial real estate, is not the size of an office, the size of a piece of land, or the size of a building. It’s not even the location.

The absolutely critical decision is knowing whether – and when – you should lease, buy, build, sell – or perhaps, for the moment, simply wait.

Making the right decision begins with a conversation in which we get all of your requirements, constraints – and your vision – out on the table. Only then can I help you assess and implement the decision that’s right for you.

Are YOU trying to make an important commercial real estate decision on your own? Unless you have years of experience in this market, with the kind of property you’re considering, the risk is serious.

Let me help you decide whether now is the time to move forward! Call (813) 259-1519.