According to 83 Degrees Media, Tampa Bay is new to the current shared office space trend, which most business professionals are a huge fan of. Shared office spaces are clearly making the way into the future growth of Tampa! These spaces provide business professionals with cool new ways to collaborate with other business professionals and work in a great environment for a set monthly fee.

Great for Start-Ups

According to Forbes, with the increase of digitally based agencies, shared office spaces are a great solution for start-ups. Shared office spaces are more economical and allow innovative thinking / collaboration between companies. This method of sharing a working space is especially attractive for small business owners or professionals who work from home.

Many small business owners choose to work from home by creating their own personal work space. While many professionals enjoy this option, they quickly tend to find that working from home can be very difficult with the distractions of chores, family, pets, etc. In fact, 71% of participants reported a boost in creativity since joining a co-working space. 62% of these participants said their standard of work had improved, according to a study by Fast Company. These studies conclude that shared office spaces are a great source of inspiration and creativity for the small business owner!

Another great example of a shared work space that is hardly classified as one is Starbucks. Have you ever walked into a Starbucks and noticed how many people are sitting and working? Quite a crowd of professionals enjoys working in an environment they contribute to. This practice goes beyond university students.

Many Opportunities

Business professionals have plenty of opportunities for collaborative work space in the Tampa Bay area. Tampa Bay WaVE, a Tech accelerator located in downtown Tampa, is a great example. WaVe co-working space is leased on a monthly basis and can include some or all of the following: high speed internet, snacks, conference room space, lockers and access 24/7.

In St. Pete, TEC Garage is the place for building an idea into a successful business. TEC Garage and Tampa Bay WaVE can offer new startups even more than just the collaborative work spaces. They connect nascent businesses with mentors, subject matter experts, and other professionals to help jump start the company. According to The WaVE website, this venture has launched 71 companies, which have raised $13 million, and created 328 jobs!

That is evidence of the power of co-working spaces! The result is business accelerators and a terrific business environment to launch our homegrown talent right here in Tampa Bay.