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Tampa Bay Community

As you know, the Tampa Bay Community is fast becoming one of the darlings in the country. Tampa is now showing up in the top 5 US Metro areas for job growth. New construction abounds, residents are moving into the state and the region at near record levels, and there is a vibe in the air that rivals the vibe from 2006!

Major employers in the region seek to attract and retain many of our recent college graduates. Part of their recruiting platform includes participation in community-wide events, those that have an impact in raising the quality of life for all of the residents of the region, including those not so well off.

Many of the corporations have told me that the Gen X and Y want to contribute not just money, but also their time in a meaningful way. Queue Social Venture Partners Fast Pitch Event.

Those of you who have read my blogs in the past know that I have taken a role with SVP in offering opportunities for active philanthropy. SVP is taking this to the next level by offering the Tampa Bay Community the unique opportunity to accelerate innovation and sustainability of the most promising not for profits in the area through the Fast Pitch Event. In addition to a cash prize, leaders from participating NFP’s (and for-profit innovators) will be enrolled in a 6 week business accelerator. This program will infuse their management with business know-how and pitch delivery skills to hone their messaging and business model.

Fast Pitch is popular in the venture capital arena, pairing cutting edge companies with the funding and expertise they need to move to the next level. The Fast Pitch event on 11/9/17 takes the best elements of Fast Pitch and applies these concepts to the not for profit world.

Many of us serve on boards of these NFP. If you know of one that might benefit from participating in the business accelerator and the cash prize, please encourage them to apply. The link below provides that information.

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