If there were ever a way to get over the anxiety of speaking in public, it was to field a table topic at a Toastmasters meeting. A table topic is a thirty second to two minute off the cuff speech, on a topic selected by another member. For example, the table topic subject for the meeting, much like a Jeopardy category, could be Movies, Famous People, or Exotic Countries. The table topic master randomly selects a member to speak on a variation of the daily theme, hence the anxiety. After fielding table topics for about a year, my anxiety went away then morphed into a search for a “great table topic theme.”

My favorite idea, literally 30 years old, revolves around the best bumper stick you ever saw.  Lately, I have been using my iPhone to snap photos of unusual bumper stickers and decals. Here are a few of my favorites:

bumper sticker


This is my favorite mileage sticker, 0.0. It accurately represents the distance I like to run, none. Other distance bumper stickers boast 13.1 miles, 26.2 miles or even the ultra-marathons of 50 miles plus. Not mine, I am at zero.


bumper sticker2

Another favorite, staying with the athletic theme, is tri, short for Triathlon. I have completed a few sprint tris in my day, given that the run is a mere 3.1 miles. I love the swim and can tolerate the bike. Mostly, I like triathlon training, because you can eat two breakfasts and not gain any weight.


bumper sticker3

Here’s one I haven’t figured out: it’s a word scramble and as hard as I have tried, I cannot solve this one. I even resorted to using Google to solve the puzzle, but to no avail. I am putting this one out there for you to solve; email me when you do.

Here is a decal I love, and please forgive the poor photo! I have played piano and stringed instruments so this one resonated with me. Cute, right?

bumper sticker4

Send me a photo of your favorite bumper stick or decal. I will publish my top five in the next post.