$200 a month, 12 months a year – that’s $2500. That’s how much it now costs me every year to maintain my naturally curly, often reddish, hair. Do you ever stop and wonder “what am I working for?” As I get older, some of my high-priced maintenance necessities start to add up week after week, month after month, year after year. Only when I’m thinking about a life-changing move, like retirement, a career change, or kids going into college, do I start to take a hard look at my expenses and question them.

What if I said you could retire tomorrow? All you had to do was completely rid yourself of 30% (or more) of your monthly expenses. How easy would that be? What would you jettison from the “must haves” to “nice to have” column? Where would my hair care fit in the equation? Living simply is a much harder concept to materialize – much easier said than done. But would it be worth it? If getting rid of 30% or more of your monthly expenses meant living a semi-retired (or completely retired) life would you do it?

I think most people are not thinking about retiring until much later in life because they love their work and they are still fit, both mentally and physically. My friends, when asked, wonder, what would I do with all that time? Could you be happy living a simpler life or would you rather work for those expenses? Everyone’s answer is different.

I’ve been in business for 30 years, 21 in my own company and I love it now more than ever! The work is still challenging, I love the industry I’m in and the people I get to work with, yet one day I want to semi-retire. The question that’s been on my mind is “when?”. Maybe the question that should be on my mind is “how”. Instead of “when can I make this happen for me?” and working toward answering that goal, instead I ask “how can I make this happen for me?” and see if that changes the way I work towards it.